Arrive alive this Easter

By Benalla Ensign

With the Easter long weekend days away local police are asking people to take measures to ensure they ‘‘arrive alive’’ at their destination.

Operation Nexus runs from Thursday, April 18, until Midnight on Monday, April 22, and focuses on all the traffic that will be out and about during the Easter long weekend.

Acting Senior Sargent Dave Gillespie said there were simple steps drives could take to help avoid accidents.

‘‘It is anticipated that there will be a large influx of traffic into the local area, and also along our major thoroughfare, the Hume Hwy,’’ Snr Sgt Gillespie said.

‘‘Traffic will be either travelling through, or coming to the north east.

‘‘What I ask is that during this time people consider a few things.

‘‘You need to plan your trip, so you don’t fall into the trap of being caught out by fatigue, or feel like you are running late, which might make people want to increase their speed.

‘‘Make sure if you are travelling a long distance that you stop at towns along the route, stop for a coffee, and consider changing drivers to make sure you reach your destination safely.

‘‘And if you are driving make sure you are completely alcohol and drugs free and if you have passengers ensure that you are not distracted.

‘‘Make sure your mobile phone is in the glove box and out of the way, do not answer it whilst driving.’’

Those who are towing a caravan or trailer need to check its condition and ensure it is roadworthy.

Snr Sgt Gillespie said if anyone was going to ride motorcycles in the high country they needed to ensure they did it legally and did not take any unnecessary risks.

‘‘Make sure you are wearing the appropriate safety gear,’’ Snr Sgt Gillespie said.

‘‘Additionally for those motorcycles travelling on our roads be mindful of other road users who may not be from the area and might not be used to it.

‘‘Be safe, get to your destination and enjoy your time there.

‘‘We unfortunately had a motorcyclist killed in Marysville last year and we want all people to take appropriate measures to ensure both themselves and their loved ones get to their destination, and that no family members or communities experience the tragedy of losing a loved one.’’

Locally, police will be out in force during the Easter long weekend and there will be no tolerance for risk-talking behaviour.

‘‘We’ll be supported with additional resourced from Melbourne,’’ Snr Sgt Gillespie said.

‘‘So expect a high number of police vehicles out and about, they will be focussing on impaired drugs and alcohol driving, general safety compliance and fatigue.

‘‘It’s important that we all enjoy the weekend and we all get through the weekend, have a good time and return to our loved ones.’’

Make sure to slow down to 40 when passing any emergency vehicle or Vicroads vehicle for the safety of the emergency service personal and those at the side of the road.