Thieves steal community water pump at Casey’s Weir

By Simon Ruppert

Heartless thieves have stolen parts of a drought pump from Casey's Weir which was installed by Benalla Rural City to provide water for stock and domestic purposes.

The pump was installed on January 29 and the vandalism and theft was found during a site visit on February 5.

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A council worker found that the foot valve had been cut off and stolen - rendering the pump unusable.

Benalla mayor Danny Claridge said the theft was disappointing.

The pump has since been repaired

“The Council installed the drought pump at Casey's Weir to help people have access to water,” Cr Claridge said.

“When the foot pump was stolen, everyone suffers - particularly those who need this water. No one could access the water until we replaced the foot pump.

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“These assets are put in place to help everyone. We were very disappointed that this happened and ask people to be more community minded.”

The water pump at Casey's Weir

The foot pump has since been replaced and at the time of publishing this article was in working order.