Campaspe Shire residents receive rate rise

Budgeting: Campaspe Shire Council voted to adopt the 2022-23 budget at Wednesday night’s extraordinary meeting. Photo by Steve Huntley

Campaspe Shire Council voted to adopt the 2022-23 budget at Wednesday night’s extraordinary council meeting, which included a 1.75 per cent rate rise.

The rise is in line with the rate cap set by the Victorian Government and will add nearly $1.5 million to Campaspe Shire Council’s rate revenue.

Campaspe Shire Mayor Chrissy Weller said the $82.2 million Budget adhered to the Victorian Government’s rate capping constraint of 1.75 per cent, provided for a Capital Works Program of $41.4 million and delivered an operating deficit of $829,000 to continue the delivery of the 100-plus services and programs provided across the shire.

“We received 18 submissions to the proposed budget, with four residents electing to speak at the submission hearing of June 1,” Cr Weller said.

“This allowed councillors to gain a further understanding and ask questions as needed.

“All submitters will now be provided with a written response to the issue raised in their submission.”

In adopting the budget a number of amendments were made, including:

  • Reducing the over 55s’ membership fees for the Echuca War Memorial Aquatic Centre in response to a number of budget submissions.
  • Updating the rates table after receiving certification from the Victorian Valuer General for the 2022 general property valuation. This resulted in a reduction in the rate in the dollar from the proposed budget.
  • Updating the total rate revenue to correct an error from the annualisation of supplementary rates, resulting in a reduction of rate revenue by $2.8 million.
  • An increase of $350,000 in the Financial Assistance Grant income after recent advice from the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions.
  • Updating the fees and charges to include the adopted fees for the Echuca Aerodrome, and the Echuca Murray River moorings.

The adopted budget details the 56 projects in the $41.4 million Capital Works Program, plus as additional 16 projects totalling $4.7 million carried forward, some of which are being completed across multiple years.

The budget also details all fees and charges across all service areas, including the new Echuca Aerodrome charges.

Key spending areas in the capital program include:

  • $14 million on roads;
  • $2.7 million on bridges;
  • $6.4 million on public buildings;
  • $3.8 million on footpaths and cycleways; and
  • $1.7 million on recreation and open space.

The budget adoption was carried unanimously by council, and the document is available on council’s website.