CFA visits Broken Creek Primary

Engaging: Paul from Goorambat CFA showing Broken Creek Primary students some of the equipment he uses. Photo by Contributed

Students at Broken Creek Primary school had a visit from Goorambat CFA on Monday, June 20.

A school spokesperson said it was Miles from Kiwanas Terrific Kids, who organised the visit.

“(He arranged) for Paul from the Goorambat CFA to come and chat with the students,” the spokesperson said.

Interesting: Paul started the day with a talk about how he became involved with CFA. Photo by Contributed

“He spoke about how he joined the CFA and all the things he has learnt while being in CFA.

“(He) talked about fire and how to escape from a burning house, also about radiant heat.

“And he showed his uniform and explained how it protects him when fighting fires.”

Action: Students had an opportunity to help put a fire out. Photo by Contributed

Students also had an opportunity to have a look at the fire truck and all the hoses.

Many getting a chance to sat in the front of the truck.

Paul then lit a small fire in a drum and the kids helped put it out using the fire hoses. Paul also showed them how to use a fire blanket.