Deniliquin sheep sale report

Supply remained tight at Deniliquin on Tuesday, May 24, with less than 5000 lambs and sheep offered.

The lamb run featured some better shaped tradeweight lines off feed which helped drive a dearer price trend.

An extra processor attended for sheep and spiked mutton rates to unusually high levels amid reports they were short of kill stock due to problems with some trucks from interstate not arriving.

Lambs sold to $220/head with the majority of better shaped heavy and medium tradeweight pens selling from $180 to $210/head at an estimated 750 cents to 800 cents/kg cwt.

Buyers were still selective on any plainer first-cross lambs or small and mixed pen lots and these sold from $150 to $178/head.

There was no quality lines of merino lambs to quote, with dorpers also offered in smaller lots.

The sheep sale was the highlight of the market, with one exporter dominating and paying much dearer prices compared to recent markets.

There were sheep estimated above 700c/kg cwt, with some light mutton quoted above 800c/kg cwt.

A small pen lot of crossbred ewes sold to $230.

Details provided by Elders Rural Services Meat and Livestock Australia market reporter Jenny Kelly, on behalf of the Deniliquin Association Agents.

Top sales:

Lambs: Pisasale Farms $220, G Haines $210, Ra and B Armytage $208.

Hoggetts: B Moore $200, Hood and Lundie $176, B Sullivan $156.50.

Sheep: Pisasale Farms $230, Ian Lilburne $$225, G Haines $218.

Rams: John Lamb Pastoral $250, Mathoura Station $215.60, D and M Walton $210.