Years of service celebrated at Seymour Fire Brigade

Longevity: Mick Sanderson (centre) receives his 65-year long service medal from Commander Charlie Cleary (left) and Captain Bart Chanloup (right). Photo by Wayne Herring

Seymour Fire Brigade has recognised the service and contribution of its brigade members.

In a ceremony held on Saturday, April 30, members were recognised for periods of service with the CFA stretching from five to 65 years.

A number of members were also recognised for their specific commitment to the Seymour Fire Brigade, with brigade life membership awarded to members who had accumulated 30 years of service at the brigade.

In a show of longevity, four brigade members received awards for service of 50 years or more including Mick Sanderson (65 years), John Smith (55 years), Barry Stephens (50 years) and Seymour Brigade Secretary David Stokes (50 years).

Mr Stokes was pleased that brigade members were recognised for their contributions.

“So many incredible people accumulate such great service within the CFA. I think it's a credit to the actual role that’s played in servicing the community in which you live,” he said.

“It can get hard, bloody hard at times, but it gives us great satisfaction to be able to help people in need and the appreciation you get from people that are really badly affected.”

A highlight of the evening was the presentation of a 65-year long service medal to Mick ‘Sandy’ Sanderson. Mr Sanderson is the longest current serving member and is still active at the brigade, particularly in servicing portable fire equipment.

Mr Stokes felt a great sense of honour in sharing the achievement of 50 years or more of service with his four fellow brigade members.

“You appreciate you’ve been able to do it that long,” he said.

“We don’t have to be out their holding a hose ... there’s still plenty of ladder jobs and it’s great to be able to hang on and do it.”

55 years: John Smith (centre) receives his long service medal. Photo by Wayne Herring
Proud couple: Captain Bart Chanloup (left) and secretary David Stokes (right) present Jennifer and Barry Stephens with their respective 30- and 50-year long service awards and brigade life memberships. Photo by Wayne Herring
A wonderful half-century: Brigade secretary David Stokes receives his 50-year long service medal. Photo by Wayne Herring