Trust backs in fearless rider

By Meg Saultry

Jamie Walker has no fear.

Bad crashes, a broken collarbone, getting knocked unconscious.

It’s a mother’s worst nightmare.

But none of these injuries have stopped 13-year-old Walker from getting back on his dirt bike and returning to a field of racers in a bid to sees who is fastest.

‘‘I’m going straight back on,’’ Walker said.

The motocross racer is the latest Benalla Young Sports Person Trust recipient, with Henry Nam last week presenting the teen with a cheque of $500 to help him travel to and compete at events around the state.

‘‘The trust is about supporting the young people of the community to try strive to reach the ultimate,’’ Nam said.

And Walker wants to thank the Trust for helping assist him in competing in the Northern Regions series and other various club events at Winton Motor Raceway.

The Northern Regions series will see Walker compete in eight races around the state this year, with riders accumulating points from results, with the highest point-getter winning the trophy.

At this point, Walker is an old hand at racing.

He’s been riding since he was three, before taking up racing at seven.

‘‘My dad used to ride and that made me ride,’’ Walker remembered.

‘‘I kept riding every Saturday and kept staying consistent.’’

The FCJ College student’s bike of choice is a KTM 85, which he expertly uses to clear 20-foot-long jumps on the track.

‘‘I’ve always had KTM’s, except for my first bike, which was a Pee-wee,’’ Walker said.

And while continuing his sporting endeavours is a costly and time-intensive pursuit, Walker remains proactive in the mechanical side of racing — as he tries to get the last cc out of his bike — along with the laborious task of travelling with a dirt bike to events.

But that won’t stop Walker from muscling himself to the front of the pack.