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On to the next: Mathoura will be looking to rebound next week after a heavy loss to Katamatite on Saturday. Photo: Steve Huntley Photo by Steve Huntley

Mathoura coach Stan Gilday is encouraging his young Timbercutters to keep the faith after a heavy loss to Katamatite in the Picola District Football Netball League.

The Timbercutters were pounced by the Tigers in the round eight match, falling 2.5 (17) to 28.21 (189) — Mathoura’s third straight defeat.

Nick Ferrari and Thomas Creighton extracted Mathoura’s only two goals for the day, while Katamatite forward Luke Riordan had a day out, booting eight goals for the match.

Mathoura’s midfielders toiled hard, with Nick Dolan, Ben Keogh and Creighton battling it out against the Tigers.

Jack Duggan and Andrew Evans were also in the Timbercutters’ best players.

Injury and inexperience continue to play a part in Mathoura’s recent slump, but with as many as 12 players under the age of 18 in the squad, Gilday said the effort of his young side couldn’t be faulted.

“Katamatite were too experienced, too big, too everything,” Gilday said.

“Certain passages of play went all right. It’s coming together, just not coming together for long enough.

“I’ve said to the boys, keep your heads up and keep trying, because they tried their hearts out.

“A lot of these blokes have another 10, 13 years of footy in them, and it’s hard coming up against sides that have played together for so long.”

Mathoura now moves to a 1-7 record, sitting 13th on the ladder.

The Timbercutters travel to Katunga (seventh) next week hoping to rebound from a series of heavy defeats.

Picola District Football Netball League

Mathoura: 0.3 (3), 1.4 (10), 2.4 (16), 2.5 (17)

Katamatite: 6.9 (45), 10.14 (74), 20.19 (139), 28.21 (189)


Mathoura: Nick Ferrari, Thomas Creighton

Katamatite: Luke Riordan 8, Mark Mills, Sam Wright 4, Ben Bray, Jedd Wright 3, Brodie McDonald, Bradley Parnell, Trent Steers 2


Mathoura: Nick Dolan, Andrew Evans, Benjamin Keogh, Thomas Creighton, Jack Duggan

Katamatite: Ben Bray, Luke Riordan, Samuel Poole, Samuel Wright, Jake Smith, Mark Mills